Assessment Centre

Assuring Peak Performance

The assessment center is a technique that organizations may use to identify management potential and determine candidate's suitability for higher functional positions.

The assessment may include some or all of the following:
Psychometric tests may be used to analyze the skills and abilities of a candidate and match these with the requirement of the job position.
Aptitude and ability tests are designed to measure logical reasoning or thinking performance.
Personality tests are standardized questionnaires to reveal the aspects of a candidate’s character.
Role Play exercise, candidates are expected to act out a scenario with either a group of peers or just one or more interviewers/observers.
Presentation exercises are used to analyze the communication, presentation and persuasion skills of the candidates.
Panel interviews are similar in nature to regular interviews, only rather than facing just a recruiter or team member, there may be anywhere from three to six people on the panel.
Case study analysis is an actual case that can identify the logic thinking of the candidate.